Your place to go when you want to be out of the City...

Why a Place In the Country?

Preparedness is being ready before disaster strikes. Most people will not even make the effort to store extra food and water in their homes; much less consider where they would go in the event they were forced to evacuate.

Now you can answer this question for yourself and your family. Have the peace of mind knowing that you have a privately owned rendezvous location with accommodations and supplies you have prepared in advance.

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of membership and the amenities provided at our many discreet rural destinations.

About Membership

  • Sites are ideal for RV parking, camping and secure storage containers
  • Substitute for your RV storage payment
  • Sites are on privately owned land
  • Not more than six members per site. (A member is an individual, family or named group)
  • Members sharing a site are a “Unit”.
  • Units shall meet at least twice each year to maintain relationships.
  • Living at the site is prohibited except in the case of an emergency
  • Members may select their site when inventory allows

The Sites

  • Secluded / discreet / rural
  • Typically behind locked gates / posted no trespassing
  • Water supply and storage
  • Solar powered well pumps
  • Propane
  • RV power hookups
  • Sea freight container for secure storage
  • Gardening possibilities
  • Abundant wildlife
  • Every site is unique; amenities will vary


  1. A confidentiality and non-compete agreement are required of applicants. (We also agree to keep your information confidential)
  2. Applicants are screened with criminal background checks and credit reports.
  3. A $50 application fee is charged to cover the screening reports.
  4. No verbal contracts. Membership shall be effective only after the Membership Agreement is signed by all parties.
  5. Membership may be terminated by either party without cause by providing 30-day advance written notice. The company shall not have the right to terminate membership during any declaration of emergency or disaster.
  6. Policies are subject to change. Members shall be notified of policy changes in writing.

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